ABC are hosting the final leg of the 24 hour prayer relay for the Maidstone Easter Play next Saturday 22nd Feb at ABC from 3.30pm-6pm.  Tim has agreed to lead some worship and I believe that several members from the Cast and committee will be present and hopefully people from other churches.  Do please plan to come along and support this event in prayer if you can, but please don’t withdraw from supporting the Quiz at 7, which is a great social outreach for our fellowship).  In order to focus on the prayer relay we have cancelled the prayer meeting which was scheduled for the 27th.
The Easter play is in about 6 weeks so we really need to be covering it in prayer, and praying about who we may be able to invite.  We still need volunteers and money, so if you have been thinking about responding but have not yet got round to doing so please do respond.  Do get any response forms to me or Stephen, or send to the Waypoint Committee.  You can give through the church or send direct to the Waypoint Committee at the address given on the forms (cheques made payable to Maidstone Deanery). I’ll make more forms available on Sunday.  There is a new deadline for responses of Sunday 23rd Feb, by which time we really need to know that we have enough helpers, funding etc.  The earlier we hear from you the better, as we have to convince the council that we have enough helpers for them to allow the play to go ahead.  I can vouch for the fact that a tremendous amount of planning and creative effort has gone into the play so far in order to make this fantastic outreach opportunity available.  Please do get behind it.