Home Groups

There are currently four home groups which meet arounhttps://zlqmog-dm2306.files.1drv.com/y3mufi_F-ZI1uHjKXWkmrIoz1rniD3X-Hb5tcsF7O_lYyLHY77tCyNk13-I8klo0b7c6EfGeH2Fbx-7-GPPwxQQ-Y0bYSNtr9YsoRjfTB8enQmxLxc50IQ-Pkhs4qCqvLXqpcqVKa1Jw_NZpTV5KRTV7B4Hdh8JyCDEyfD_QjsxC88/6213314_s.jpg?psid=1d the town. Two of these are on a Thursday evening (two meet in homes, the third meets in Church), the other group meets on a Wednesday evening.  In additions there is a Ladies’ Bible Study Group (Thursdays 10.30am) and a Men’s Bible Study Group (Thursdays 10.30am) which meet during daytime at the church. Please speak to one of our leaders for contact details.

We would encourage all who are able to consider joining one of our small groups, for mutual care and building up in fellowship, prayer and Bible study.