Sunday Services

We come together each Sunday for Sunday Morning Worship. Most Sundays we have two services in church and live streamed to Youtube.

10.30am ‘Into the Bible’ service lasting around an hour:  with worship and an in depth 25-30 minute talk

Our worship aims to be simple, sincere and lively, with good music and faithful preaching from God’s Word, the Bible.  Communion is normally held on the last Sunday of the month at the ‘Into The bible Service’.

There is a creche and Sunday Activities ministry, including GRID for teens on a normal Sunday morning during the second service (Into The Bible) on the first and fourth Sundays each month. There is a family service on the second Sunday each month at 10am and on other Sundays colouring sheets etc.

Come along and bring your children – don’t worry about them making a noise – everyone else’s do and we are very informal!

On the second Sunday of the month we normally hold a FAMILY SERVICE at 10am which aims to minister to all ages in a relaxed informal style with a quiz, occasional video, while exploring a biblical theme together

On one Sunday Evening each month we have a video and discussion starting at 6.30pm (see calendar for dates)