Sermon Series Index

Date Into The Bible Waymaker
May 2022 Raised with Christ What the resurrection means to us
Jan-Apr 2022 The compassionate Saviour Luke Heroes of the faith
December 2021 Jesus LIGHT of the world BAPTISM sermons 2021-2022 MOTTO sermons 2021-2022
Sep/Oct/Nov 2021 Renew Our Strength Isaiah 40- Jesus’ I am claims

Encounters with Jesus

Aug 2021 God never said that!
Jun-Jul 2021 Complete in Christ Colossians Psalms
Apr-May 2021 Rebuild Nehemiah (1-12) Bible Characters
March 2020 Journey to the Cross Matthew 21 & 26 Disney Songs
Jan-Feb 2021 Kingdom Blessings The Beatitudes Jesus is…
Dec 2020 Unprecedented Luke / John Christmas Theme
Sep-Nov 2020 Authentic Fellowship 1 John What, How, and why?
Aug 2020 Summer Parables Matthew / Luke
Jun-Jul 2020 Outrageous Love Hosea Baptism Service
Apr-May 2020 Living For Christ 1 Thessalonians Family Services
Apr 2020 Approaching the cross John 12,19,20 Parables / Talks