Aims and Core Values


We aim to:

  • honour God in all our life and activities
  • provide regular opportunity to join in Christian worship and prayer
  • present the challenge of the Christian gospel
  • provide regular Bible teaching on the Christian faith
  • help individual Christians to deepen their faith and commitment and provide them with opportunity to work out that commitment
  • provide the individual with support and a sense of belonging
  • provide means of sharing God’s love with each other and with the wider community
  • take a part in the life and work of the Christian church local and worldwide

Core Values

  • Strong Bible Teaching
  • Vibrant Worship
  • God-dependent praying people
  • Being led by the Holy Spirit
  • All member ministry
  • Unity in the Body of Christ
  • Active discipleship and devotional life
  • Being real and authentic
  • Radical integrity and transparency
  • Servant hearted team leadership
  • Diversity (Ethnic/Age/Background)
  • Community Witness
  • Global Vision/Mission/Compassion for the lost