Christmas Services

Christmas Services

All services live-streamed to Youtube:

■Sundays 6th & 13th December – two services ‘Into the Bible’ looking at Celebrating our Unique Saviour,  Fred speaks on ‘An Unprecedented Announcement, Josh speaks on ‘An unprecedented Birth‘.   ‘Waymaker’ looking at ‘The Power of Love’ and ‘Emmanuel: God with us’. Services live streamed to Youtube.

■Sunday 20th December – a recorded combined service using J John resources…..”Christmas unwrapped”

■Thursday 24th December 6pm– Carol Service        Martyn speaks on ‘An Precedented Light’

■Friday 25th December 10am – Christmas Service     Martyn speaks on ‘An Unprecedent Presence’

■Sunday 27th December 10.30am – combined service  (no Waymaker Service)    Fred speaks on an ‘Unprecedented Glory’

“Into the Bible”: Sept/Oct/Nov Sermon series

“Into the Bible”: Sept/Oct/Nov Sermon series

6th Sept    1 John 1:1-4           Fellowship with Christ    Martyn Colley

20th Sept  1 John 1:5-2:2        Walking in the light         Martyn Colley

27th Sept  1 John 2:3-11         An old and new command      Jonathan Jankowski

4th Oct      1 John 2:12-29       Overcoming the Evil One         Fred Coote

18th Oct    1 John 3:1-24         Children of God and children of the Devil          Garry Shoebrook

25th Oct    1 John 4:1-6            Testing the spirits      Steve Edney

1st Nov      1 John 4:7-12          God’s Love..      Josh Hooker

15th Nov    1 John 4:13-21      … and ours!       Chris Knott

22nd Nov   1 John 5:1-12        Faith in the Son of God         Peter Hooker

29th Nov    1 John 5:13-21      Confidence in Christ       Jonathan Jankovski





In August we have a mini -series on some of Jesus’ Parables

2nd August    The Parable of the Sower      Fred Coote              Matthew 13:1-23

9th August     The Good Samaritan              Nina Newman        Luke 10:25-37

16th August    The Prodigal Son                    Josh Hooker            Luke 15:11-32

23rd August     The Two Houses                    Peter Hooker         Matthew 7:24-27

30th August    The Treasure & the Pearl     Martyn Colley        Matthew 14:44-46