In August we have a mini -series on some of Jesus’ Parables

2nd August    The Parable of the Sower      Fred Coote              Matthew 13:1-23

9th August     The Good Samaritan              Nina Newman        Luke 10:25-37

16th August    The Prodigal Son                    Josh Hooker            Luke 15:11-32

23rd August     The Two Houses                    Peter Hooker         Matthew 7:24-27

30th August    The Treasure & the Pearl     Martyn Colley        Matthew 14:44-46

Sunday Evening DVD Service – 7th June

Sunday Evening DVD Service – 7th June

Colin Smith will be leading a DVD service with discussion on the first Sunday of each month. The link will be sent round before the Sunday and people are encouraged to watch this beforehand or from 6.30-7.30pm and then comment on WhatsApp from 7.30pm onwards. The video for Sunday 7th June is  “Peace in Times of Suffering and Uncertainty” a talk by Timothy Keller.  If you would like to receive more information, please contact Colin.

Sermon Series for June / July:  HOSEA: OUTRAGEOUS LOVE

Sermon Series for June / July: HOSEA: OUTRAGEOUS LOVE

7th June     Martyn Colley      Outrageous Love     Hosea: 1:1 – 3:5

21st June   Fred Coote           God’s Charge against Israel   Hosea: 4-5

28th June   Martyn Colley       When Repentance isn’t real   Hosea: 6-7

5th July     Martyn Colley      A call to True Repentance      Hosea: 8&10

19th July     Martyn Colley      God’s Love for Israel             Hosea: 12-13

26th July     Josh Hooker        Repentance & Blessing         Hosea: 14